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Website redesign for Oncura Partners

1. The Project


To redesign Oncura Partner’s website to be consistent with the branding of their parent company, BK Ultrasound. Oncura also wants to increase sales and let their client know that they are more than a company selling ultrasound machine and are expanding their services beyond oncology to include cardiology with possible future expansions to other specialties.

The project is still ongoing, the Oncura Partner website can be found at:

2. Pre-Production Scope Assessment


After soliciting information and business goals from the client during the kickoff meeting, I went through their current website and identify areas that need clarifications/improvements and find ways to drive the call for action – to buy and use Oncura’s product and services. In their current website, the description of their services and product are blended together which could be confusing for potential clients. I simplify the messages by separating information pertaining to the product from the services. “Book a demo form” and “Buy now” button are added to the footer and header respectively to further drive the call to action.


3. Sitemap


A sitemap was created based on information gathered from the client and points for improvement identified after comparing Oncura’s current website with that of the new parent company. Some members of the production team were consulted on organization of the web content. Based on these meetings, a sitemap was generated.

4. Wireframes­


The wireframes were prepared in Adobe InDesign. Wireframes are created that shows where the information and elements are located on each section of the rebranded webpage.

Click to view interactive PDF of wireframes

5. Mockup of Home Page



6. Reflection


Only the VP of Sales was consulted throughout this redesign project. It would have been valuable to conduct a market research to find the demographics of the area being served by Oncura Partners. It would also be good to follow-up with customers to see if the redesigned website did help drive up sales and made potential clients more aware of the different services that Oncura Partners is providing and that they are not just a company that sells ultrasound machine.





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