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Title: Endocardial cushion development in a stage 13 (28-32 days) human embryo


Tools: Materialize Mimics, ZBrush, Photoshop, Illustrator

Target Audience: Medical Students

Background: In human embryonic development during the 4th and 7th weeks, the heart undergoes looping and followed by septation into a typical 4-chambered structure. Septum formation in the heart arises from the development of endocardial cushion tissue. Because of its key location, many cardiac malformations are related to abnormal cushion morphogenesis.

Process works:

Import the data set of Carnegie Stage 13 embryo in Materialize Mimics to create the 3D models. I also sectioned out the heart from the full data set.


Process works:

Refine the model in ZBrush


Process works: Sketches to understand cardiac development, anatomy of fetus and layout ideas for the final piece.



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